Aryabhatta Public School provides a unique system of teaching.To ensure proper learning our institution accepts only 40 students in each section. Each period is of two hours duration, in the very first hour the teacher (facilitator) Introduces the content with suitable examples and in the second hour he/she clarifies all the doubts/queries put forward by the learners. Therefore, two- way communication is possible between teacher and learners. One can achieve success in the competitive exams only when he/she builds up his/her concept and develop the applicability of the concept. To build up concept self-study is very essential. We provide much more time to the students for self-study, so that no time is lost in extra tuition. For applicability daily practice sheets are provided in addition to study materials.
The teacher-pupil ratio is maintained at a level where each student receives personalized attention. The interaction between the teachers and students is sweetly fine-tuned to satisfy the needs of each learner.
We have fully equipped laboratory for the practical activities of the students. With Aryabhatta Public School, Bhagalpur you can be rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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